More Parking at Limeburners Point a Christmas Present for Geelong Boaters

More than 50 new car and trailer parks will make a day out on the water easier at one of Geelong’s busiest boat ramps, with the parking upgrade at Limeburners Point boat ramp now complete, thanks to the Allan Labor Government

Minister for Outdoor Recreation, Steve Dimopoulos announced the new parking facilities were ready for boaters to enjoy, made possible through the Labor Government’s reinvestment of recreational boating licence and registration fees.

The project has expanded and formalised the gravel overflow parking area, providing 56 new spaces that are big enough for a car and trailer. This extra capacity will be welcomed by boaters heading out onto Corio Bay and Port Phillip over the summer holidays.

The parking spaces feature permeable paving, a best-practice solution for stormwater management and paving built from durable recycled plastic grid and crushed rock infill, which allows water to pass through without creating ruts and potholes.

Construction was undertaken by Drapers Civil Contracting and managed by City of Greater Geelong, with linemarking this week putting the finishing touches on the new parking area.

The ramp is located a short cruise away from several of the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s rocky reef modules in and around the net-free Port Phillip and Corio Bay.

The facility is the third boating facility in the Geelong region to benefit from a major upgrade in recent months, with ramp redevelopments complete at Avalon and Kirk Point, providing access for smaller boats to productive fishing grounds in western Port Phillip.

The Limeburners parking upgrade completes stage one of planned upgrades, with proposed works as part of stage two including extra boat ramp lanes, new pontoons and improvements to the offshore wave attenuator.

“Christmas has come early for boaters who love to launch at Limeburners in Geelong with extra parking meaning more capacity at one of the busiest ramps in the region,” said Minister for Outdoor Recreation, Steve Dimopoulos.

“This is another example of boaters’ licence and registration fees being put to good use on projects that will really make a difference for anyone heading out to fish or just enjoying a cruise in their pride and joy,” he added.

“Limeburners is popular among boaters given its proximity to great fishing and its protection from wind and waves. Having more parking here means even more people and their families can enjoy quality time on the water this summer,” said Christine Couzens MP for Geelong.