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We’re Making Investments To Create A Healthier Geelong

Our government is committed to ensuring everyone can get the healthcare they need right in their local community.

That’s why we’re making truly transformative investments, such as:

  • $108.8 million for 23 new abmulance vehicles and 90 new paramedics statewide, meaning more for Geelong
  • $321.9 million for free dental care at public schools, saving children $400 per year
  • 49,000 more specialist appointments at Barwon Health as part of a $136 million committment statewide
  • $20 million for a relocation of Barwon Health Clinical Facilities
  • $100 million for the new Geelong Women’s and Children’s Hospital

With these commitments, every Geelong resident will be able to get world-class treatment right at home.