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We’re Helping Create More Jobs At Little Creatures Brewery

Geelong’s Little Creatures brewery has quickly become a local institution since it was established in 2013, and the company has invested millions in our region, creating many jobs along the way.

Now the state government has announced it will be backing further investment, supporting an $11 million renovation to the brewery – creating new jobs, increasing tourism and improving energy efficency.

Martin Pakula, the Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade, visited the site to announce the government’s support.

“We’re proud to back this locally-operated manufacturing and hospitality business to be able to expand and create new jobs in Geelong, while investing in renewable energy to help make the business more sustainable”, he said.

The backing will go towards a new solar facility allowing the brewery to reduce its enegy costs by up to one quarter.

Along with that, it will help create a new multi-purpose, all-weather facility and ten new local jobs.