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Accessibility & Inclusion

Federal Liberals Fail Geelong Residents Living With Disability

While the state Labor Government is investing to make Geelong an accessible and inclusive city, the federal Liberals have failed Geelong residents living with disabilities.

Thousands of Victorians are still waiting to receive the funding and services they desperately need under Scott Morrison’s botched rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Labor Member for Western Victoria, which includes Geelong, Gayle Tierney today called on the Federal Liberal Government to step up and finally deliver an NDIS plan to the estimated 497 people in Victoria’s south west so they can lead the happy and healthy lives they deserve.

In Victoria there are more than 105,000 people with a disability who need to transfer to the NDIS by the end of June this year. The most recent data published by the NDIA showed that only just over 65,000 people had done so by 31 March 2019.

A new analysis by the Victorian Government reveals the true extent of the delay for vulnerable people in the South West. In addition to people who have been delayed entering the NDIS, many more are in the scheme but are still waiting for their plan to be approved.

Long waiting times have placed unfair stress on individuals, carers and families who continue to suffer because of the Liberals’ poor staffing levels and processes that don’t adequately support people with a disability – particularly those with complex needs.

The Labor Government has had to intervene and create a specialised unit in the Department of Health and Human Services to do the Commonwealth’s work by helping over 28,000 individual clients transition to the NDIS.

Disturbingly, hundreds of clients have also had to be added back into the system due to the Commonwealth striking off Victorian clients who simply didn’t answer the phone after three phone calls.

The Labor Government is due to be investing $2.5 billion next financial year towards the NDIS and will continue to call on the Federal Liberals to stop short changing people with a disability.