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3 Announcements You Might Have Missed

Our government is achieving so much it’s easy for some announcements to be overlooked.

Here are a few announcements relevant to our region that I am particularly proud of:

  • $209 million for 1000 new public housing dwellings across Victoria, with a signifcant number in Geelong

Having assisted in the public housing sector myself, I know the importance of it in ensuring everyone has a safe and secure place to live.

This will mean many more families who have fallen on hard times can have the fundamentals they need to get ahead in life.

  • $ 128 million for stage three upgrades to the Geelong Performing Arts Centre, delivering a new 500 seat thratre, courtyard, experimental theatre space and box office

As any resident of Geelong will tell you, the city definitely deserves to be a tourist destination.

Our government is not just talking about it, but we’re getting on with making it happen, and building a world-class entertainment facility is a vital step.

  • $100,000 to assist the local Sikh community in building a new temple

People of all religions should feel included in our community, and assisting the local Sikh community in building a new temple is a fantastic way of doing that.