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New Campaign Calls On Victorians To Back LGBTIQ+ Loved Ones

Victorians are being encouraged to back and celebrate their LGBTIQ+ family members and call out harmful stereotypes and discrimination – in a powerful new awareness campaign backed by the Andrews Labor Government.

The Respect Victoria ‘Pride, Respect, Equality’ campaign launches today to highlight the importance of family support in preventing all forms of family violence and abuse against LGBTIQ+ Victorians.

The campaign includes the real-life stories of Victorian families who love, respect and support each other as a call to action for all of us with LGBTIQ+ loved ones. 

In Australia, more than six in 10 LGBTIQ+ people will have experienced family violence, with perpetrators most likely to be parents or siblings.

LGBTIQ+ communities can face additional forms of family violence or discrimination – including rejection from family, purposely misgendering or deadnaming a person, refusing access to gender-affirming medication, and faith or religious-motivated abuse.

It will run on metropolitan and regional television, radio, and press, as well as digital and social channels. It will also run in Italian, Greek, Hindi, and Punjabi on radio.

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