Solar Homes Victoria

Solar Homes is an incredibly popular program, with recent fortnightly rebates being allocated in forty minutes. This means that there are now 6000 Victorians more who will be able to install a power station on their roof, with over 36,000 Victorians installing solar to date thanks to Solar Homes.

Due to this incredible demand, it’s inevitable that some people will miss-out in any particular release. While this can be frustrating, we will have 3,250 more rebates available in less than two weeks, with even more rebate rounds to come.

More than 23,000 extra Victorian households will benefit from solar energy rebates in the coming year, with the Andrews Labor Government delivering extra rebates for the 2019/20 financial year – which will be released fortnightly, rather than monthly.

On top of bringing the rebates forward the industry has agreed to a package of reforms that will boost safety and quality, with more audit staff, stronger fraud prevention and better information-sharing.

An Industry and Consumer Reference Group will also be established, bringing together industry groups, consumers, Solar Victoria and government to provide ongoing advice and inform the decade-long roll-out.

The Labor Government’s $1.3 billion Solar Homes program will install solar panels, hot water or batteries on 770,000 homes over the next ten years, saving Victorian households more than $890 a year on their energy bills. The program will create more than 5,500 jobs, boost energy supply and reduce carbon emissions.