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Aboriginal Affairs

Here’s How I Celebrated NAIDOC Week

The history, culture and acheivements of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people are worthy of celebration all year round, but NAIDOC week in particular is a chance for them to get the recognition they deserve.

The electorate of Geelong has a thriving indigenous community and it was my pleasure to celebrate with them over the past week. This is a look at some of the events I attended.

Surfcoast Shire Council, located a short distance from my electorate, hosted a fantastic event called Revisiting The Past. Aboriginal artist and curator Maree Clarke gave an impressive presentation and explained her passion for culture and art. It was interesting to hear her explain how she taught herself to make the traditional Kangaroo tooth necklace.

A second Surfcoast event for NAIDOC week attracted over 100 people, showing the widespread appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture in this area.

Barwon Health is a community healthcare provider located in my electorate. They hosted an inspiring event for NAIDOC week. Tarryn Love, pictured, gave a fantastic speech about her journey while her proud Mum Lisa watched on. Kiarah and Ngara gave a performance singing in language.

I was honoured to join Jill Gallagher AO, Advancing Treaty Commissioner, at Barwon Water. This organisation is leading the way educating employees about cultural awarness.

The Committee for Geelong held their first NAIDOC event, too, which was successful, while the NGEERRANGOON Art Exhibition opened at the Chya Gallery inside the Old Geelong Court House – a must see!