Media Releases – May 2016

State Apology

Read the State Apology to Those Convicted Under Unjust Laws Against Homosexual Acts – Premier’s Speech.

24 May 2016

Victorian Budget – Getting it done 2016/2017.


Fact Sheet: A Better Society – Equality and Inclusion

Under the Andrews Labor Government, equality is back on the agenda. We now permanently fly the Aboriginal flag over the Parliament House and the Premier’s Office. We appointed Victoria’s first Gender and Sexuality Commissioner and legalised same-sex adoption. We’re funding programs to help Victoria’s multicultural communities participate and feel welcome. And we’re leading the nation in standing up for the rights of Victorians to live free from discrimination.

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Fact Sheet: Action On Family Violence

The Andrews Labor Government wants to fix our broken family violence system, protect vulnerable women and children and bring perpetrators to justice.
It’s why we established this nation’s first ever Royal Commission into Family Violence – and it’s why we’ll implement every single recommendation, beginning with a $572 million investment to begin on the most urgent work.
This is just the beginning. We have lots more work to do to build a new system that prevents family violence, protects the vulnerable and hold perpetrators to account.

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Fact Sheet: Better Care for All Victorians – Mental Health

The Andrews Labor Government is increasing support for Victorians with a mental illness and their families. Work is underway to implement Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan to achieve better outcomes for Victorians and to save lives. Some people in our community experience particular challenges in accessing services. $356 million has been allocated to mental health infrastructure and programs, including supporting young Victorians and responding to vulnerable children, families and trauma. These investments will expand proven treatment options and support services so that all Victorians have access to the mental healthcare they need.

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Fact Sheet: Better, Quicker, More Reliable Public Transport

Our state is growing faster than any other. Our road and public transport networks are congested. The Victorian Budget 2016/17 will transform our public transport system, with funding towards more trains, tracks, better stations and more car parks, contributing to the biggest overhaul to our public transport system in Victorian history.
This historic investment means more trains, more often, to more Victorians – helping to take cars off our roads, and get more Victorians home safer and sooner every day.

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Fact Sheet: Care Victorians Need, Sooner

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting our paramedics, doctors and nurses to deliver Victorians better care, sooner. We will treat more patients faster, and key initiatives in the Victorian Budget 2016-17 will move patients off elective surgery waiting lists and improve ambulance response times.
Rural and regional Victorians are big winners with a significant hospital rebuilding program funded in this year’s budget.

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Fact Sheet: Giving Kids the Best Start

The Andrews Labor Government is making Victoria the Education State -starting with the early years.

The first years of a child’s life are critical for learning and setting up a healthy, happy life. In the Victorian Budget 2016-17, the Government is investing $151.3 million in vital early childhood initiatives as a first step to respond to the Family Violence Royal Commission as outlined in the Roadmap for Reform, to support our maternal and child health services for the future, and address key pressures on kinders in rural and growth areas. Work continues on a long term Education State early childhood reform plan, and to respond to the broad challenges posed to our early years services by Royal Commission.

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Fact Sheet: Giving Victorians the Skills They Need for the Jobs They Want

Our training system is at the heart of Victorian jobs and economic growth. In a changing economy, we need to do all we can to give workers and students the skills and confidence they need to get a stable job in a growing industry.

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Fact Sheet: Keeping Victoria Safe

A Stronger Police Force

The Andrews Labor Government believes the most effective way to address crime is to give police the support and resources they need to do their job. The Victorian Budget 2016-17 boosts the strength and capacity of Victoria Police with an additional $596 million.

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Fact Sheet: Making Victoria the Education State

The Andrews Labor Government is making Victoria the Education State.

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Fact Sheet: More Frequent, More Reliable Regional Rail

The Government will embark on a massive upgrade of the regional rail network, to give regional Victorians the reliable public transport they deserve.

The Budget investment of$1.3 billion to boost the reliability and frequency of regional rail is one of the largest investments in public transport services that regional Victoria has ever seen.

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Fact Sheet: Safer Roads and Less Time Stuck in Gridlock

The Andrews Labor Government is building the projects our state needs so Victorians can spend less time stuck in traffic and get home to their families safer and sooner. Families need roads that are safe and efficient, and the Labor Government is upgrading the congested roads that Victorians use to get to work, get back home and get around their community. The Victorian Budget 2016-17 delivers over $7 billion in upgrades to congested and busy suburban and regional roads to reduce travel times, improve safety and reduce bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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